Meeting request in Outlook not synced to Kopano-server

  • Situation:

    Customer uses Outlook 2016 with Z-Push and has two accounts in his Outlook: the first account is the Kopano-account configured with Z-Push, and the second account is an IMAP-account. In Outlook there is only one calendar, the Kopano-calendar.

    When he receives a meeting request in the IMAP-account, he can accept it. The appointment is showing up in Outlook. But this appointment is not syncing to Kopano, so it won’t be visible in Kopano WebApp or his mobile device.

    Is there a way to fix this?

    Kopano Core 8.6.8
    Z-Push 2.4.5
    Outlook 2016

  • Kopano

    Hi Nortepe85,

    if the IMAP account is also Kopano account and he configures it that way, then it should work as expected. Otherwise (one Kopano, one IMAP account) the Outlook will create a local appointment only and won’t sync it back to the server because it is not coming from the Kopano account. Maybe opening such an appointment and simply saving it in Outlook will force it to send to Kopano as a new appointment (but then there won’t be any relation between the meeting and the initial meeting request and the user might run into some strange issues).


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