Strange problem with KOE sync all emails were deleted

  • Hi all,
    we had a strange experience now for the 2nd time. Ca. 6 month ago all emails from one of our employee were deleted. Personal mailbox and all public folders he’d access to. He’s accessing Kopano via KOE and mentioned that he’d the impression while syncing more and more emails were deleted. We undeleted all via the Webapp and did not further dig into it.

    Yesterday we were faced with the same issue.
    While syncing our employee recignized the emails vanishing and becoming deleted.

    We’re currently running Kopano on Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS

    Did someone of you experienced something similar?


  • Kopano

    Hi Holgi,

    which Z-Push and KOE versions are you using? Which Outlook version? Do you have WBXML and KOE logs? Did you check Windows Event Viewer for errors?


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