Kopano UCS - no mail sender on iOS available

  • Hey,
    I recently moved from a Microsoft SBS to an UCS with Kopano. In this connection i made a .pst-file from every mailbox and imported them with kopano-migration-pst, because i wanted to migrate mails, contacts, calendar, notes etc. This worked so far, but the sender of internal mails and me as a sender of all my elements are not displayed on iOS anymore.

    E. G. a mail from abc@123.com to def@123.com (same domain) doesnt include abc@123.com as a sender. Same problem with all my sent mails.

    This situation only occurs on iOS, not in Outlook or Deskapp on PC. Consequently the information of the former exchange directory (not the contacts) aren´t resolved any more, unlike them in Outlook or the Deskapp. How can i do that now for iOS?

    Thanks for your help

    Kopano Core
    Z-Push 2.4.4
    iOS 12.1
    Kopano Webapp

  • Kopano

    Hi Niki,

    is the sender on the iOS devices simply empty? Or do they display anything? Does it occur on every iOS device?

    What happens if you hit reply in such an email? I the “To” field empty?

    Do you have a WBXML log of such an iOS device with emails being synced to it?


    1. Yeah there is a blank field
    2. yes
    3. yes
    4. Not yet, where can i find them?

  • Kopano


    Edit: I would guess that the imported mails have x500 instead of SMTP addresses where you are missing them on your mobile.

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