kopano webapp disable options tab

Hi All,

Is it possible to disable a tab inside the options menu an easy way?

Lets say i want to disable “Over” tab?

Any way whe can do this?

I’m assuming you are talking about the “About” tab in settings?
The information found in “About” is something we want to share; it contains a thank you to contributors and some license text.

Disabling is always possible with JavaScript, or hide it with css, but you have to make your own plugin to do so.


Hi is there any example or documentation how this can be done?

With CSS you can just set the element to “display: none”

As for example plugins they are all around the place, but this one does something with css:


is it also possible to adjust the code. without making a plugin?

Hi @marty

how do i find what element to set to display: none?

Open developer console, inspect the element or Ctrl - shift - c on Chrome, then hover the element.
But I already checked and the element has no unique class and you cannot grab a parent element with CSS. You must use JS in this case.