[SOLVED] Opening links in DA

  • Hi,
    is it normal, that links in mails are not opened in the default-browser anymore? If I open links in DA (3.5.0), it seems like they are openend in a “DA-Browser”. (Chrome?)

    Standardbrowser = Firefox.
    If I open a link it is looking like:


    This is not the problem, but some links (which work in Firefox for example, are showed as blank page in this window)

  • Check your windows default app program, change it to something else , and set it back again, …. does that work?

  • default app = Firefox, reset of default apps did not work.

    Restart of PC solved it. (a la IT-Crowd: "have you tried, turning it off and on again).


  • Ah, i was betting on something like that… a windows thing… good its sovled, can you mark the thread as solved.

  • @thctlo: :-) added a [solved]…

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