[SOLVED] Opening links in DA

is it normal, that links in mails are not opened in the default-browser anymore? If I open links in DA (3.5.0), it seems like they are openend in a “DA-Browser”. (Chrome?)

Standardbrowser = Firefox.
If I open a link it is looking like:


This is not the problem, but some links (which work in Firefox for example, are showed as blank page in this window)

Check your windows default app program, change it to something else , and set it back again, …. does that work?

default app = Firefox, reset of default apps did not work.

Restart of PC solved it. (a la IT-Crowd: "have you tried, turning it off and on again).


Ah, i was betting on something like that… a windows thing… good its sovled, can you mark the thread as solved.

@thctlo: :-) added a [solved]…