Old reminders are not synced

  • Hello, its me here again :)

    i’ve found an issue related to reminders, that happend in the past but weren’t closed.

    Normally a reminder pops up with text like ‘reminder X 3 weeks overdue’ (free translation from german “3 Wochen überfällig”).
    In Webapp everything is there, in Outlook 2016 via Z-Push 2.3.5+5 and KOE 1.3.156 all reminders in the past are gone.
    Reminders from the past, that will occure (in 2 Days maybe) are correctly synced.

    Is there a way to get these old reminders (that are still open) into Outlook?
    And if not, will z-Push or KOE (dont know which component cause this) be able to sync it?



  • Kopano

    I think this is not supported by ActiveSync. It just synchronizes the appointment and when you should be alerted on it (e.g. 15 min. before). This will working for reminders to come (also with the re-remind).

    If you dismiss the reminder so it popups again this information is either stored on the server (in case of WebApp/DeskApp) or in Outlook (if you discard the reminder there). This information can not be synchronized.


  • Thanks @Sebastian - nice and clear answer,

    its not that importent, because webapp still got this remionder and if the user want to have it in outlook too, he can just edit the calendar item and set a reminder - This reminder keeps popping up how it should be :)


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