Logic of appointmentcreation / cancellation

  • Good morning,
    I have got a question concerning the creation of appointments.

    A secretary has got “secretary-access” to the calendar of her colleague.
    She is creating appointments directly in his calendar and also make invitations to the appointments she creates in his calendar.
    This is working perfectly.

    When she tries to delete an entry, she created (and invited other people) then a message pops up “insufficient privileges”. This only happens to entries, other people were invited too.

    Can you tell me why this happens? Is there another way to create such appointments?

  • Kopano

    When a user has “secretary permissions”, then this should mean that the user is able to delete “all” items in a folder (so items the user create and items that other users have created). So if you get a “permission” denied this sounds like a bug in whatever client you use to create the appointment (you did not specify this).


  • @fbartels
    the settings are exactly that way, you show in your screenshot. We are using the Kopanoversions you can see in my signature. (latest / final).

    As said it only happens when others are inivited to the appointment she creates in his calendar. If she only creates an appointment without additional people (invites), then she can delete it.

  • Kopano

    My main point was that you did not say that you were experiencing this in WebApp. I must say I also still dislike referring to version in the signature, since in a month or two there will be different versions in your signature and no one will remember that of the time of posting this you were actually using webapp 3.5.0.

    Anyways: WebApp issue then, I am moving this thread.

  • @fbartels: Ok, you are absolutly right, I’ll mention the version in the maintext next time ;-)

    Deskapp: 2.1.7
    Webapp: 3.5.0

    Didn’t think, this might be a bug. Thanks for moving!

  • I opened a ticket @official support.

  • Kopano

    For references see https://jira.kopano.io/browse/KW-992
    There is a workaround in the comment.

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