Hi All,

Can we disable the kopano logo’s? by login and in the main screen after login?


hi and thank you indeed this works perfect. Can we aslo force this theme for all users?

This is great, thank you.

well, I think you will have to ask @marty on this…

Love the theme link !

Thanks @mcdaniels

Hello guys!

I have a problem with Json Theme. I will describe my problem. After i copied the Theme from https://github.com/gitsnuit/themebasicplus and moved it into the plugins directory, did i activate it in the settings and logged out. But nothing has changed, the login screen looked like before. After i logged in, the theme worked perfectly. But my only issue is that the login screen looks like before (It does not matter which theme i use). I have tested it with 2 Kopano instances, same problem.

Does anyone have the same problem?

A theme is a user setting,

However, if you want to change the default theme (and change what you will see when no user is logged in) you can do so in the link provides by @fbartels in the above post.