Kopano web as default mail client for OS/mailto etc

Hello , i’d like to configure my Os (Linux/Macos) to use Web Browser (Safari/Firefox) as default application for links mailto and for menu send it to etc. It possible.

But i need teach broiwser to open these links in Kopano web. For this i need special Kopano link to send email. For example same link for gmail is: https://mail.google.com/mail/?extsrc=mailto&url=%s

Is it possible for Kopano Web?

@Constin using DeskApp would probably be the easiest solution in that case - it basically provides additional features on top of WebApp (such as being configurable as the default mail handler), among some other things (e.g. being able to open local .eml files in DeskApp).

is it only proxy for web interface? If it not store emails to disk . then this is perfect solution for me. thx!

@Constin DeskApp does not store your data locally. It has a local cache much like your browser would have, but that is it.

Thank you, i tested it and it works fine. I hate java apps ion desktops , but … it’s ok.

Could pls you give me link to any old/test deb package? I don’t understand how to handle mailto in x-scheme-handler. I’d like to see what kopano team made for this in pre/post scripts.

ok solved.

but not support linux SSO.

@Constin DeskApp is not a Java app, but instead based on NW.js (previously node-webkit, which in turn is based on Chromium). The community download server holds the most recent nightly builds, including .deb packages (inside the tarballs): https://download.kopano.io/community/deskapp:/.