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  • Good morning,

    I downloaded and installed the latest community build and I noticed that there is a new feature by which if you scroll on the folders on the left, the favourite folders don’t move, meaning the scrolling affects only the ones below.

    Whilst I do understand the logic and I am sure it is useful in some circumstances, I find it at least for my personal use, detrimental. So perhaps the same will be for other users.

    Would there be any way to add an option to switch this new behaviour off?

  • Kopano

    Hi @mcostan

    There wasn’t an external request to switch off favorites, until now, so I’ve reopened ticket:

    If you actually want to switch of the new behavior, that can be overwritten in a theme instead.

  • Hi Marty

    No… I didn’t mean switch off favourites. The favourites should stay there.

    The new behaviour appears to be that the lateral scroll bar doesn’t scroll down between favourites and the other folders, but rather everything…

    This is quite annoying for me as I have a lot of folders.

    I do not see a reason to switch off the favourites, they can just be collapsed and left there.

    The issue is that when you have favourites maximised and you scroll down, you used to scroll the favourites and the normal folders together, whilst now the favourite stay at the top and they do not scroll, whilst the other folders scroll…

    I am not sure this change in behaviour was intended. I don’t think I have still explained it in a way that it can be understood…

  • Kopano

    That change is intended.

    But as I said, you can overwrite it with CSS if you really want to change it.

    .zarafa-tree-ipm-subtree-favorites-container {
    position: relative !important;

  • Thanks Marty, in which file do I need to change this?

    As I mentioned although I am sure it was intended, I am not so sure others, like me, will not complain. In my case I have a few favourites at the top, which take say 1/3rd of the screen, and then plenty of normal folders below, which I have to access occasionally. What happens right now with the change is that I essentially have to minimise the favourites because otherwise the scrolling is completely useless because you only see a few at the time, and it’s impossible to navigate that way.

    If you also add that people may have multiple inbox opened and/or public folders opened, then it makes the change even more impossible to work with.

    Whilst some people with the information above (and the file name please) may be able to hack the code themselves, I am sure mainstream customers won’t be able to, nor want to as they essentially change the code of a production application.

    Therefore it may be better to make the option available somewhere as a switch? Some people may like it others not…

  • Kopano

    @mcostan With that reasoning, we would have so many settings. I’ll have a look. No promises.

  • Thanks Marty. Remember for me, I can go and change the code. But… for the users installing this stuff in production, they won’t be able to. As they install a production release and then stick to it…

    But what I am saying is that I may not be the only one complaining and it is best to have community users complaining then later on production ones…

  • Kopano

    @mcostan As I said:
    With that reasoning, we would have 1000 settings, but in this case, I created a pull request for a setting.
    Follow the ticket I’ve linked earlier.

    Thanks for the quick feedback

  • Thank you Marty.

  • Kopano

    In latest community build there is a setting in
    Settings -> General -> Display

    You’re looking for “Unpin favorites from top”

  • That’s fantastic news Marty, I’ll download the new build at the earliest opportunity and check. Much appreciated.

  • In general I do understand that a proliferation of settings everywhere is perhaps super confusing.

    However if you look at things like “Nine” the email program for Android, or “Tasks and Notes” that is another activesync app for Android, there are basic settings that are easy to use and understand, and advanced once, where you can tweak pretty much everything you like, but most users wouldn’t need to…

    Perhaps this could be a solution, although then the problem becomes writing the documentation for it, keeping it up to date, support the questions and all the rest that goes with it, so it does have a cost.

  • @marty

    Marty, in addition to the previous comments, I think the intended functionality (not the fact that you can remove it, but the one I am testing) isn’t always working.

    I.e. sometimes it scrolls everything down, sometimes only the favourites.

    I haven’t been able to narrow it down to a specific situation.

    For example now I have an open session of webapp in chrome and it behaves in the old way, yesterday I had it working in Chrome and it had the new behaviour. I’ll let you know if I can narrow down in which situation this happens (once I know I’ll switch it off with your new settings as I prefer the old way anyway).

  • Kopano

    @mcostan It depends on your screen resolution.

  • I see thanks, I’ll experiment with it.

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