Outlook + ActiveSync and missing Global Address Book

  • Hi,

    I connected my Outlook through ActiveSync, but I’m not able to use Global Address Book when writing e-mails.

    On Kopano web site I found this information about KOE

    " … Its functionality starts where the native ActiveSync implementation of Outlook ends and is designed to provide users with the ability to set an Out of Office message, look up scheduling data of colleagues and automatically synchronize reply- and forward icons between Outlook and the Kopano server. A drawback of the ActiveSync protocol is that the Global Address Book (GAB) can only be queried, but not synchronized to devices. In addition to this, Outlook only allows you to synchronize your default contacts folder of the inbox. The Kopano OL Extension works around this limitation by storing a copy of the GAB on the user’s machine.

    Does it explain why I don’t see GAB when trying to send an e-mail, or I have another issue?


  • Kopano

    Hi @pawel ,

    yes you need KOE for this (and also need to do some tasks for this in z-push). It’s all documented, so you just need to follow documentation.

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