Outlook 2016 with KOE - some clients miss GAB, button to sync gab, does not work?

  • Hello,

    we have some issues with the KOE in Outlook 2016 and our users are not really able to work with outlook. We use kopano with 25 users on a 2016 terminal server since 2 weeks and users have different issues…
    We need some assistance to debug these issues and solve the problems as soon as possible.

    Kopano as single product seems to work very fine with webapp and deskapp and everything seems to be allright. But in combination with outlook 2016 the following problems exists. But our users need outlook because of plugins / interfaces / interactions to other needed software / programs.

    1. Some clients show status disconnected in status bar. The only way to get it “online” again seems to delete the outlook profile and create it new.

    2. Some clients starts with disabled KOE-Plugin. If you enable it in options it work as soon its activated but on next outlook start it is missing again.

    3. Most of the clients have no gab anymore. On initial setup / profile creation GAB was there and the button synchronize gab works finde. But (maybe after some office updates on the terminal server) the gab is gone in clients and the button too sync gab does not work anymore. Clicking the button shows no progress-status-dialog - nothing happens.
      We tried to delete the outlook profile and setup a new one, but the GAB is still missings. The progress-button shows 100% sync and the profile seems to be synchronized. The global used folders (some users have access to public folders) are synced too.

    4. Because of missing GAB the users cannot work with shared folders (mostly calenders) of other users and that is the biggest problem for the most users.

    We have updated all server components to newest version incl. z-push to version 2.4.5. two days ago. And we “played” a lot with outlook and the settings of KOE. We noticed that “sync signatures” does not work too. Pressing this button opens a status-bar with endless syncing. You have to kill all outlook processes to use outlook again after pressing this button - the application hangs.

    Users reports also that synchronisation seems to work very slow. Emails and calender items that are available in webapp sometimes show after 2 hours later in outlook.

    For what can we looking for to got more informations?
    If you need further informations please tell me, what details i should post here.

    I allready found this article here in forum https://forum.kopano.io/topic/1496/gab-issues/5), but this is 6 month old and maybe a not the same situation. So i tried to post a new topic.

    Best regardings and thanks for your help.

  • Kopano

    Hi @Andre ,

    1. and 4. are connected. This is a known issue for a while, but we haven’t been able to put the finger on the exact cause. Our support has a manual of data to collect to narrow down the root cause. Based on 4 the quick fix is probably to deactivate the signature syncing in the plugindebugger.

    The rest of the problems are also better to diagnose in a direct session. I would recommend to get in contact with our support.

  • Hi,

    I had a similar problem and after ‘’‘z-push-gabsync -a delete-all; z-push-gabsync -a sync’’’ it seems to working again.
    I wasn’t able to find an error log entry related to GAB (Client and Server).

    Could it be a permission problem on the hidden folder? I remember that we had a permission re-organization not long ago. I could imagin that during that ALL permission where removed (recursiv -> affecting also the hidden folder) and afterwards resetted with new permissions (possible not affecting the hidden folders).

    Our observation was: all clients could not update the GAB. New clients doesn’t see the GAB, older clients see an outdated/cached GAB.

  • Kopano

    @Bernd-G said in Outlook 2016 with KOE - some clients miss GAB, button to sync gab, does not work?:

    Could it be a permission problem on the hidden folder?

    Yes, could be.

  • Hi again,

    it seems we found the error or better the problem that caused the error.

    Outlook does not synchronize complete or better stops to synchronize if a user has set a signature in his webapp oder deskclient.
    After deleting the signature on all users, the sync works very fine. The global adressbook is there and users can work.
    We wrote this issue allready to support but it seems that there is no solution at the moment.


  • Kopano

    Interesting. This information did not reach me yet. Based on your first reply it sounded already like it was something around your signatures. Did you manage to create a trace log from before and after?

  • @fbartels We tried to make a trace, but the offered tool (PluginDebugger.exe) from your support does not start on our server. If you doubleclick it, you see a “hourglass” for a moment and after that nothing happens and there is also no process for this tool in taskmanager.
    We tried to start in compatibility mode and also run as admin - no success.

  • Kopano

    strange. never heard of that before. what the plugindebugger does is updating some reg keys for the user. so you could also get the trace logging when importing a reg file with the following content:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Kopano\Kopano OL Extension]

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