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  • Hello everyone,

    I’ve wrote a html/php based frontend to add shared folders to z-push devices. - this is working fine and im proud of it :)
    but for further manageability it would be greate if its possible to add these folders in mapi devices too.

    Is there any way to add shared folders in Webapp/deskapp via sh/php script?

    thanks in advance,

  • Kopano

    @Coffee_is_life said in Script integration:

    Is there any way to add shared folders in Webapp/deskapp via sh/php script?

    yes, this functionality is part of the mdm plugin.

    EDIT: just looking at this sentence, without the context of ActiveSync: are you talking about adding shared folders to webapp itself?

  • i tried the mdm plugin in the past, but if i’m correct, i can only change my own devices… is this correct?

    the script is designed for the administrator to add/remove shared folders for a given user


  • Kopano

    Yes, that is true. The mdm plugin is designed for users and not administrators.

  • then i update my initial question:
    is there any way to add additional folders to a given user via php/sh-script to mapi devices (webapp/deskapp/outlook 2010)?


  • Kopano

    Sorry for the cat & mouse game, but what you are asking is the following:

    Is there a (web) gui so that I (as an administrator) can manage shared folders for my users ActiveSync devices?

    Is that correct? If so then the answer is: “no, there isn’t”.

    Edit: I am still confused about you exactly mean with “Mapi devices”.

  • i’ve build the webgui to add shared folders myself. - this is working for z-push devices.

    What im searching for is a methode, executed on mailserver or webappserver (best via php, perl or shell script) to add a shared store to another user who are using webapp/deskapp.


  • Kopano

    Ah, so my hunch from my first reply is true.

    Which folder a user has open in WebApp (and as DeskApp is a wrapper around WebApp this is true for it as well) is stored in the users settings json. There are a bunch of script to export/import/update the users settings object.

    Ultimately this is about injecting the correct data into the settings object. You can find some scripts that do this at

  • Hello there,

    just a quick update on how i solved this, maybe someone else want to do it on his/her own:

    when the script is executed via the webgui, the webapp settings are backuped for the given user, than a json parser goes through and adds/removes the entry from the file.
    Then the settings are restored and after a reload the user will see the new folder or wont see the removed folder anymore - seems to work like a charm. - The only thing to do (but its more cosmetics than anything else) is to check the permissions first. otherwise the folder just wont show up :)

    If someone is interested i could create a git for that (but i need to change it a bit - for example a configfile to define the ldap/db plugin to check the given user)

    best regards

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