Messages viewed wrongly in Android

  • Good morning,

    I have seen that when using Activesync (Z-push) in an Android device, after a big gap of time (due to all mail sync o a big account) messages are seen as if I was seeing the message in the own mail server shell. You see all in plain an starting with the headers. Could anybody know why this happens?. Any other person suffers from this?.

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  • Hi, what mail client are you using in Android? I have never experienced it, but a few months I swapped to “Nine” which is a fantastic activesync mail client (although not free) on Android.

  • Have tried with Gmail client and too with the stock mail client


  • Kopano

    Hi @egoitzau,

    I vaguely remember earlier reports about this when using the imap backend. Maybe some more hints will turn up for you when searching here or in the Z-Push Jira.

  • Have not found nothing… still doing some more checks… I’m using Z-push 2.4.4


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