Deskapp 2.0.4 Print-Button shows blank page

Hi there,
printing mails and appointments does not work properly. If you open an item and you use the print function of the menu bar of the opened item it shows a blank page. Same happens when you use the print button of the top menu bar or when you use the dropdown menu in the mail list.
Printing only works if you right click in the mail body and select Print from the dropdown menu.

+1 from me. Same happening here

In Deskapp 1.9.0 this is working, so it might be a bug in the newer version.

same here deskapp 2.04 on linux mint


@externa1 @mcdaniels @sturzhelmut

This will be fixed in the upcoming version of WebApp.

I’s already fixed in WebApp master


This post is deleted!


ok that works :)

@marty thanks for the reply ;)

@marty Perfect. I will test it tomorrow.

It works flawlessly again