Webapp/Deskapp settings are empty nearly every day

  • Hello,
    nearly every day the webapp settings are empty. This issue occurs with users which have html signatures provided with the script example_wrapper.sh. The signature consits of a html table. On the left side is a picture (base64 encoded) and on the right side of the table are some variable which are automaticly filled. This works really good, but as i said the webapp settings are deleted nearly every day. That sucks.

    Tested with Kopano Core 8.6.80 and 8.7.80, webapp 3.4.24.XXX, 3.4.23.XXX and some more.
    Deskapp versions are 2.0.4, 1.9.7, 1.9.5 and some older.

  • @sturzhelmut
    you mean your signature disappears every day?

  • @mcdaniels Not only the signatures. Complete webapp settings are empty. I have found a new error in the logs. It says i have duplicate entry in table properties. Can i remove these entries or should i run kopano-dbadm k-1216 to fix this?

  • @sturzhelmut: I have the signatures also supplied via the example_wrapper.sh and none of these issues. So there is probably another cause.

    Can’t answer your db-question. Lets wait for the kopano-professionals ;)

  • Update: The duplicate entries from the logs are produced by mails which you can mark as read but after a period they are back as unread.

    Lets see what happens to the webapp settings tonight. :-)

  • The issue occured again, but not with all users. I think it has something to do with the pictures inside signatures, independent whether you are using the example_wrapper.sh or not. Plain text signatures are not affected.

  • Kopano

    @sturzhelmut unless there is something that makes a change for the user(s) affected (e.g. a signature being updated / replaced) the WebApp settings should not magically disappear. Is something like that being run, maybe with a cronjob?

    If you have an active subscription, open a support case through the portal or by email.

  • @bhuisman
    There is no cronjob or something like that running. Today 3 out of 10 of my problematic users had no signatures. If i restart my kopano server all 10 signatures are gone. May it correlates with the issue posted at the core section.
    Whatever! I odered a subsription and if the issue is not away i will give some feedback.
    Thank you.

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