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  • Hi guys,
    I have problem with Outlook. The problem appear on
    -Outlook 2013
    -Outlook 2016
    -Outlook 2019
    -Outlook 365

    Outlook work “correctly” but when I start update of office at the restart of Outlook he stay
    “disconnect” status.
    For fix it I need to recreate profil …
    Have you an idea for that ?
    0_1539274809393_kopano deco.PNG
    Best regards

  • Kopano

    @ivamp said in Kopano Outlook Upgrade:

    when I start update

    You list multiple (general) versions above, what kind of update are you referring to?

  • Kopano

    Hi @ivamp

    did you try turning on “Work offline” and then turning it off?


  • Hi,

    I reffer to Outlook update with this button

    Any update causes this problem

    I have try "work offline’ but the resync restart for few minute and crash again.
    But if I recreate profil it’s work again

  • Kopano

    @ivamp said in Kopano Outlook Upgrade:

    but the resync restart for few minute and crash again

    “crash again” in relation to “stops syncing”, or does Outlook actually crash?

    Your newest screenshot shows Outlook 2019. Are you experiencing this after updating from e.g. 2016 to 2019?

  • A few weeks ago I had the same problem. Just re-creating a new profile didn’t solve the problem, after a few minutes, Outlook was disconnected again. I fixed it by disable all shared folders and calendars. Some entries in one of the shared calendars (thousands of items since 2011) in the public store was ultimately the cause of the problem. I used Mozilla Sunbird to export all of the entries of these calendar, and re-import this ics file into a new calendar by using curl on the command line.

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