Calender: Printing overview english "headline"

when printing a calendar overview, all is in german language except the headlines, where the day is mentioned. The headline is in english. (example: Tue, Oct 16 – see attachment)

This should be in german too.


Same, when printing an appointment.

As the Deskapp is “using” the Webapp, it is the same situation there.

Can I alter this behaviour, or is it “coded”?

@mcdaniels It’s a bug and I created
Please follow the ticket to get updates.

Thanks for reporting.

Thank you.

One question: What is the difference in reporting a bug and reporting it to the official kopano support?

@mcdaniels bug reports in Jira can only be created by a Kopano employee - this is also what our support team would do (create a ticket based on the support interaction).

A bug report coming from a support ticket will be linked to the support ticket as well, adding additional weight to it, in some cases raising the priority for development selection. If you have an active subscription, I would recommend opening a support ticket too, referencing the ticket number @marty mentioned above.

Splitting a case into two tickets [jira, support] is not a technical necessity, but I guess the different notification settings for each ticket type (i.e. who’s getting automatic e-mails) makes it appealing to keep doing it.