Kopano Webapp for SLES 15

Hello again,

do you have any plans to release Webapp for SLES 15?
If yes, when will it be final/stable (QA) for customers?

Best regards.

Hi @sturzhelmut

I’ve created and uploaded builds for sles 15 in the limited repo:


Please give it a test run

Hi @marty
thank yor for creating builds so fast. A real test run is not possible at the moment. The core components are still having unresolved dependencies and if i install your builds they suffer from that. If i ignore the missing dependencies everything works like “expected”.
There is already a ticket [KC-1304] for this bug.
I have to set up a new mail server in the near future. Before that i have to convince my boss Kopano is the right solution. At the moment just a few employees are working with the Kopano cummity packages on SLES12. The target system for the new mail server should be SLES15. Therefor i need a time line when stable/tested components will be available.