Desktopnotification not working for reminders

hi @q5616417

I’ve created ticket to sort it out.

Moved topic to plugins.

+1 here, still not working.
Email notification yes.
Appointmentnotificatoin no.
Unfortunatly really bad, cause this is another feature, all users are missing (and get angry…).

Another thing concerning the Desktop-Notification is: If you don’t tick, that the notification should be faded out after x seconds, it is still faded out after some time.

So if the user is not at the PC when the message pops up and the user gets back at some time, the notification is not there anymore. The user might miss the appointment, when he is running the Deskapp minimized. (happened to me 2 times last week)

Deskapp 1.9.0

@mcdaniels is being fixed at the moment.
Track it to receive updates (as well as a fix version).

For the autohide I found an old ticket:

Thank you!
Would be nice, if this would be fixed too. Lots of users like this (I can only speak for our users).

@marty thank you for fixing:

Question regarding the repos: When will it be available there?

My Debianserver says:

*** 500
500 ./ Pac kages

@mcdaniels it will be available in WebApp 3.4.24 - available in the pre-final repositories since yesterday:

@bhuisman Thank you for the information. I’ll test it @home. Don’t want to use it in production environment.

Deskapp: 2.0.20
Kopano Core: 8.6.80

Reminder: Stays popped up, if you do not choose to hide after xxx seconds! NICE!!! (This would make our users very happy and I can tell them, what benefits you get, when using opensource software and have the chance to talk to the devs directy :-) ).
Printing: OK
EML-Opening: If you open EML files they are opened in drafts, after closing the Tab in which it is opened. (is this intended to be that way?)

@mcdaniels what do you mean with ‘opened in drafts’?

The behavior that eml files that you want to open with DeskApp are imported to drafts and then displayed is indeed intended.

@bhuisman: Ok, I mean exactly what you expected. If it is planned that way - it is ok.