"Download all as ZIP" doesn't always include all files

  • “Download all as ZIP” doesn’t always include all files. Files with the same name are not necessary included.

    Here is how to reproduce it.

    1. create a PDF called “test.pdf” and have the same file in several locations (different folders)on your hard drive
    2. attached multiple “test.pdf” files to one e-mail
    3. send it to yourself
    4. click the “Download all as ZIP” context menu link
    5. the Zip file only includes one “test.pdf”

    There are several other ways to include the same file twice or more often to one e-mail and all files work and can be downloaded manually just not all together as a ZIP file

    I think I reported this before, might have been with Zarafa back in the days but it just came up again that some files were “missing” for one of our users.

  • Kopano

    Hi @christian
    You are correct this is a very old bug. I found ticket:

    Currently set to won’t do, but I’m checking if that’s still the case.

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