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  • Hello everyone,

    I start to switch my old Zarafa Installation to a new Kopano Setup. Everything is working fine till i try to switch the WepApp GUI Language (not the Mail Folders) to German. It doesen’t matter which language i choose, the WepApp show’s up in english.

    I changed the default Language in config.php, removed any other Language then german. I checked the OS locales twice back and forth. No Luck.

    What could cause this Problem?

    Btw. the WebApp is installed in another Folder then /usr/share/Kopano… is this a Problem?

  • Hi @maddog,
    which is the default language in your browser?
    To you server - are the locales set to de_DE.UTF-8? Just type " env |grep LC" at your ssh console.
    At my server it looks like this:
    env |grep LC

    And finally check the webapp/config.php -this should point to the system language with a fallback to en_GB

    " // Location to the translations
    define(“LANGUAGE_DIR”, “server/language/”);

        // Defines the default interface language. This can be overridden by the user.
        if (isset($_ENV['LANG']) && $_ENV['LANG']!="C"){
                define('LANG', $_ENV["LANG"]); // This means the server environment language determines the web client         +++language.
                define('LANG', 'en_GB'); // default fallback language

    Best regards

  • Hi @anotherandy

    all of these points are checked more then twice. I try to get the WebApp in a different Language then english.

    The Kopano-Server self is changed to german folder names. This worked for ages in old Zarafa Setups.

    My only problem is the WebAccess interface. This one stays persistent in English no matter which language is set in.

  • So finally found the error, when i could say that this is an error. I installed the nightly build instead of the debian package. As i could see the nightly build cause the error. You can’t change the language in this build.

  • good to know - because I had no idea where else we can search

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