Kopano breaks adding new IMAP/POP3 accounts within Outlook 365

  • Hi

    I’ve encountered an unusual problem with Outlook 365 when an Exchange/Activesync account is added.

    From what I can tell the problem is partly down to the fact that I also have an Outlook.com account on the same profile added as the default Exchange account.

    Adding the Outlook.com account appears to have caused changes within the profile that lead to me having new Microsoft Dialogs when adding or changing accounts from inside Outlook.

    When I add an IMAP account now I get a simple dialog at the outset that asks for my Email address and then when I click connect asks for my password.

    At the end of the process I get an error that Outlook was unable to create the data file. (although one is created) and asking me to cancel or try again.

    If I try again, I get the same thing, in the meantime, I also end up with multiple ost accounts linked to my profile but not linked to an active account.

    The ONLY way to get rid of the problem ost files is to delete the profile.

    If I use the Control Panel->Mail (Outlook 32) way of adding mail as a workaround I can add the IMAP accounts, as this continues to use the old dialogs. However it is a pain.

    Are you guys able to investigate this?

  • Kopano

    Hi Ravenstar68,

    could you post the Outlook version which appears under File->Office account? As far as I know there’s Office 365, but Outlook has its own versions, e.g. 2013 or 2016.

    The dialog change might’ve also happened if you updated Outlook to a more recent version.

    I’m also not sure if I understood your use case correctly. Do you have one Mail (Outlook 32) profile with multiple emails accounts: one of Kopano, one outlook.com and one/several imap/pop? We don’t recommend mixing Kopano accounts with other type of accounts in the same profile. If you have to, then Kopano account must be the default account, but I’m not sure it will work properly even in such a case.


  • It’s Outlook 2016 Version 1808 (Build 10730.20101)

    The problem is that once Kopano is installed - the problem actually affects ALL profiles. So even if I do as you suggest and use separate profiles for my Main email and my IMAP accounts, I can’t add the accounts from within Outlook itself. I have to instead add them by going to Control Panel ->Mail (Outlook 32bit) - which is still available in Windows 10 although I have to either enter Control Panel using the Search Bar or File Explorer.

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