WebApp 3.4.22 final available

  • Kopano

    WebApp 3.4.22 was synchronized to the final directory today.

    In this release we fixed the following:

    • Notifications for shared stores. Note: by default the polling interval is 15 minutes. This can be changed in the config.php.
    • Log files for specific users can be created
    • Ability to only apply rules when out of office is active (Needs at least Kopano-core 8.5.0)
    • Better handling in shared address book functionality when permissions are revoked

    And more small improvements and bug fixes

    The changelog can be found here.

    Updating can be done through the repositories, packages can be downloaded from the portal or from the download server. For community members nightly packages are available here.

    If you have feedback, we’d love to hear it here in the forum.

  • The changes in the rules area seems to have a bad aspect : I can not longer edit shared rules, it allows only to change my own settings (yes, "define(‘ENABLE_SHARED_RULES’, true); " is still set)

    webapp 3.4.22, ZCP 7.2.5

  • Kopano

    I could edit my shared rules.

    What exactly does not work? Any errors (console or log)
    Do you have the exact steps?

  • Hi Marty

    I found my problem, I just opened the inbox - not the full mailbox.
    So it was not possible to select the second mailbox in the rules pop-up.


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