E-mail signatures can not be changed


in the Wabapp I can currently replace, edit or change the e-mail signature for any user. If I want to apply a change, it will not be applied and pressing the Apply button has no effect. I only come out of the settings if I reject the changes.

However, the default signature can be easily imported via the command line.

At what point are the signatures? What options do I have to edit the signature?

thanks for any help

I just did a small test with WebApp and for me updating and creating new signatures works. Did you maybe not scroll down enough and have missed the “Save Signature” button?

The button for saving the signature is there and can be used. Only the adoption of the change has no effect.
the version of the webapp in UCS is + 73.1

@Melbar60 Any JS errors during the save action?

No, I get no error messages or any other indication of an error

I can confirm the same issue (not really a big thing) here on our system.
Even with the update from today (via UCS update center: core and webapp, the issue still persists.

It dosn’t make a difference if I try via webapp or deskapp - it simply wont change/create a signature for a certain user.

Let me know if more details for the debuging are needed, I’m happy to provide them …

Best regards

Hello, with us the problem with the signature after today’s update in the UCS apparently disappeared. At least I can now adjust signatures again.
After the update, however, none of the two radio buttons was selected in the test account under general e-mail settings -> section Open or Create e-mails. Only after setting one of the two options could the signatures be edited or recreated after the update. Before the update the option was set.

Hi Melbar60, selecting one of the two radio buttons did the trick.
Thanks for the hint …

Best regards