Sending as another user using mail aliases

  • I’ve two users, let’s call them “userA” and “userB”. Both users are using WebApp. UserA should be able to send as userB. This is a no-brainer. Do the configuration on the ldap server, check with “kopano-admin --list-sendas userB” and everything works as expected.

    Now for the tricky part: What if userB has some aliases (LDAP attribute: mailAlternativeAddress) configured (user_b@domain, b@domain, etc). UserA wants to send an email as userB but instead of using the primery address (userB@domain), userA wants to use one of these aliases (i.e. b@domain) as the sender address. This doesn’t work.

    Everytime userA is trying to send this email, he get’s the following error message:

    Unfortunately, I was unable to deliver your mail.
    The error given was:
    You are not allowed to send as user or group Info Mittelstandstag
    You may need to contact your e-mail administrator to solve this problem.

    So, the question is: how do I configure this?

  • Kopano

    Hi Timo,

    just as a hunch, can userb sendas one of his aliases?

    Honestly I would not use the address as an alias, if I wanted to have other people sending with it as well. I would recommend to use a shared store instead for this.

  • Fun Fact: userB is some kind of shared store with several aliases (info@domain, registration@domain, …). UserA want’s to send some mails as info@domain and some others as registration@domain and so on…

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