SSL certificate invalid after download images in mails

  • Good morning.

    I have a problem. When I open the webapp, the little padlock is green and everything is fine. But as soon as I reload the pictures from an email, the padlock disappears and an i appears. The message comes: The connection to this website is not completely secure.


    Can anyone help me with that?

    Greeting Sascha

  • Kopano

    Then probably the image url is not served over https.
    When the browser finds one link that is served over http it automatically see the connection as insecure, there not much you can do about that from your side

  • Hello @robing
    Yeah, I know that. But the webapp loads every picture over http. No matter if the email is from Netflix, Amazon etc. For a friend who also uses Kopano, the images will work via https.

  • Can everyone helps me?

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