[SOLVED] Calendar Problem

  • Hi,

    I have found another problem with Kopano:

    All my users are managed via LDAP. If I add a new user, everything works, except the calendar.
    If the newly created user wants to create a new appointment, a warning pops up:
    “You have insufficient privileges to save items in this folder.”
    After clicking OK and closing the creation dialog (confirming: You are going to lose all unsaved changes. Are you sure you want to close this window?) the appointment appears in the calender if it gets reloaded. So the creation does work, but there is this nasty error message.

    Looking into the request it says:

    {"zarafa":{"appointmentitemmodule":{"appointmentitemmodule62":{"error":{"type":1,"info":{"hresult":-2147024891,"hresult_name":"MAPI_E_NO_ACCESS","file":"class.freebusypublish.php:251","display_message":"You have insufficient privileges to save items in this folder."}}}}}}

    There are no error logs in kopano server log or apache error log…

    Any hints?

    User Info (from kopano-admin --details user@domain.com):

    Username:               user@domain.com
    Fullname:               The Username
    Emailaddress:           user@domain.com
    Active:                 yes
    Administrator:          no
    Address book:           Visible
    Auto-accept meeting req:no
    Out Of Office:          disabled
    Last logon:             13.04.2017 11:57:43
    Last logoff:            13.04.2017 11:57:43
    Mapped properties:
            0x8C6D0102              48 bytes
            PR_GIVEN_NAME           Firstname
            PR_SURNAME              Lastname
            PR_EC_ENABLED_FEATURES  mobile; outlook
            PR_EC_DISABLED_FEATURES imap; pop3
    Current user store quota settings:
     Quota overrides:       yes
     Warning level:         1638.00 MB
     Soft level:            1843.00 MB
     Hard level:            2048.00 MB
    Current store size:     0.01 MB
    Groups (1):

    Stores seem to be OK too: (except the users without store???):

    Stores without users:
            Store guid      Guessed username        Last login      Store size      Store type
    Users without stores:

    And the permissions: using kopano-mailbox-permissions --list-permissions user@domain.com

    Store information user@domain.com
    Delegate information:
    | Username | See private | Send copy |
    | -        | -           | -         |
    Send meeting requests and response only to the delegator, not to the mailbox owner.  [Disabled]
    Folder permissions:
    | Folder                          | Permissions                |
    | Inbox - The Username            | Shared User:fullcontrol    |
    |  <UNKNOWN>                      |                            |
    |   Freebusy Data                 |                            |
    |   Schedule                      |                            |
    |   Shortcut                      |                            |
    |   FINDER_ROOT                   | Everyone:0x0499            |
    |   IPM_VIEWS                     |                            |
    |   IPM_COMMON_VIEWS              |                            |
    |   IPM_SUBTREE                   |                            |
    |    Suggested Contacts           |                            |
    |    Quick Step Settings          |                            |
    |    Conversation Action Settings |                            |
    |    RSS Feeds                    |                            |
    |    Junk E-mail                  |                            |
    |    Tasks                        |                            |
    |    Notes                        |                            |
    |    Journal                      |                            |
    |    Drafts                       |                            |
    |    Calendar                     |                            |
    |    Contacts                     |                            |
    |    Sent Items                   |                            |
    |    Deleted Items                |                            |
    |    Outbox                       |                            |
    |    Inbox                        |                            |

    I am using Kopano Server 8,2,1,531 and WebApp Im not sure if this is a Webapp related problem… if not, please move the thread to another topic.


  • Kopano

    Hi Christoph,

    Perhaps related to the user Everyone without a store.

  • “Everyone” is a distribution group not a user - so there seems to be something wrong there…
    AFAIK gets the calendar created when the first entry is made, but I personally never encountered this warning message.
    On the other hand, we migrated all our servers from ZARAFA to KOPANO, I haven’t had any new user on a freshly installed KOPANO instance.

  • Thanks for the replies. I recently “fixed” the problem:

    I also migrated from Zarafa to Kopano and I am using multi tenancy mode.
    The problem seems to be caused by wrong permissions on the public store
    for newly created users.

    I have compared the public store of the company which causes trouble with
    a newly created companys store.
    The public store (All public folders) of the newly created company contains
    permissions for the company user (“NewCompanyName”).
    The public store of the company which causes trouble does not contain a company
    user, only the user/group “Everyone”.

    As I was not able to add the User “TheCompanyName” (it does not show up in GAB…),
    I unhooked the public store and created a new one:

    kopano-admin -s -I TheCompanyName

    And copied the contents of the old public store to the new one:

    kopano-admin --hook-store LONGSTOREID --type company --copyto-public

    After that, the user has permissions to store the free/busy information to the
    public store.


    PS: Does anyone know a way to add the company user (or group?) to the permission list?

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