iOS Task App

  • Hello,

    I would need a hint what task app I could use on my iPhone that works together with Kopano?

    In the old Zarafa days I used TaskTask that worked really well, but I can´t establish a connection anymore. If I´ve setup Kopano wrong and it should still work together with TaskTaks, any hint is appreciated.

    Thanks, Tobias

  • Kopano

    Hi @Tobi ,

    if that app worked with Zarafa, then it should also work with Kopano. How did the app connect to the server? ActiveSync?

    I don’t own an iOS device anymore, but afair the normal task/reminder app in iOS was syncing tasks as well.

  • Hi Felix,

    in the old days I could connect via the Exchange setup. On top ‘Exchange Web Services’ and ‘Exchange DAV’ would be possible for setup.

    The normal iOS task reminder app would work yes, but is not comfortable enough for my use case.

    Did I miss some setup in Z-Push / Kopano to be activated? Just had the hope someone here is using the same setup …

    Thanks a lot, Tobias

  • Kopano

    Hi @Tobi ,

    Zarafa had only a very alpha implementation of EWS, which could not be taken over because of licensing issues. Were you using that? I’m not sure what “Exchange DAV” is in this context, is it normal WebDAV/CalDAV?

    CalDAV is supported by Kopano as well. Maybe they use a specific url schema that does not match the url schema used by kopano-icl? If so then its likely possible to rewrite the url in the Webserver (e.g. with mod_rewrite and mod_proxy in Apache).

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