Max Devices setting

I am looking to limit the number of devices that a user can synchronize with Z-push 2.4.

I have been searching in the forum and looking into the config.php settings but seems this topic is not addressed.

I found this article that describe what I am trying to achieve :

Can you confirm if such setting “maxdevices” is already present somewhere in Z-Push?

Hi milauria,

such a limit is not implemented in Z-Push. There’s also no “maxdevices” setting present in Z-Push.


Thanks for the reply, Were there reasons why this feature is not present in Z-push code ? Have you already evaluated if this could be added to future z-push versions? It’s just not possible for other code limitations maybe? I just see this a useful feature of z-push …
many thanks

Hi milauria,

the reason is that you’re maybe 3rd person in 10 years who asks about this. I guess that MDM solutions working with Z-Push already have this feature, so there’s no real demand to implement it in Z-Push.

There are some JIRA issues which address similar problems/features, but not specifically limiting devices’ number per user. However they are in backlog and we don’t have ETA when they be solved.


Hi manfred.

I’m also very interested in this feature.
Some customers have no MDM solution and just want to make sure that the colleagues don’t set up the mail account on their private phones.

Is there a jira Ticket for this feature?

Kind regards

Hi Basti,

no, there isn’t a JIRA ticket for this feature. One which is kind of similar: