Z-push-top z-push-admin php error

Upgraded z-push now seeing this php error in top and admin

PHP Fatal error: Can’t use function return value in write context in /usr/share/z-push/lib/core/zpush.php on line 660

CentOS 6.1
kopano 8.6.7
z-push 2.4.4+0-112.1


Hi David,

does the error appear for z-push-top and z-push-admin only? Is PHP CLI version also 5.6?


btw, not using any additional shared folders.

Yes, only in those two programs. Its using the rh software collections thingy, so just running plain old #php -v gives 5.3.3

Aha, I need to run the 5.6 version, go it. Sorry.

Hi David,

the minimal PHP version for Z-Push (and also admin and top) is 5.4 and there’s a check for it, so that it should actually fail even earlier.



When I run it with the right version via the scl mojo it works fine.

#scl enable rh_php56 rh_php56 /usr/share/z-push/z-push-top.