Can't copy and paste items in calendar with keyboard


I can’t copy and paste an item in the calendar by using the keyboard. According to the available Keyboard shortcuts in the settings I should be able to copy and paste an item by using ctrl +C and ctrl +V. I tried it with activated basic keyboard shortcuts and also with all keyboard shortcuts activated.

Steps to reproduce:

  • select calendar
  • select an item in the calendar
  • press ctrl + C
  • select a free space in the calendar
  • press ctrl + V

The item isn’t copied but a text field appears.

This also doesn’t work with the Deskapp Version 1.9 x64. Another way to copy a calendar item in outlook is moving the item with still pressed ctrl key. Is this something which is in development for the webapp/deskapp?

We’re running Kopano Core 8.6.6 with Webapp

Thanks for the help in advance.

kind regards

Hi @msauer

Thanks for the report.
I’ve created ticket (bug)
Please track it to see updates.