Outlook 2010: "attempted operation failed" when replying or fwd from shared (non-active) box

  • Hi,

    When user tries to reply or forward direct from an opened shared (non-active) box in OL 2010 we get “The attempted operation failed. An object could not be found.” (original: „Der Vorgang konnte nicht ausgeführt werden. Ein Objekt wurde nicht gefunden.“) If we move the mail to the personal user box, everything works as expected.
    This issue seems to be introduced by some MS Outlook update(s) and was also mentioned in this blog: https://www.wijngaard.org/zarafa-outlook-is-unable-to-reply-a-message-from-mailbox-other-user/

    But searching after mentioned kb3114756 OL update on this client gives an empty result, kb3114756 seems not to be installed :(

    Does anybody know some further, subsequent (cumulative?) OL 2010 update(s) which reintroduce this issue? Or any clue how to find out these OL 2010 update/patch contents?

    One user noticed this problem already in autumn 2017 but now we have 2 additional team members to work with the same shared (non-active) box and moving mails to personal box before replying isn’t a workaround anymore :(

    I’ve found this MS blog https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/messaging_with_communications/2017/ but didn’t gave me detailed infos about OL patch contents :/

    Server: Kopano-Core 8.4.5
    Client: Win7_64 with OL 2010 (no C2R) and latest MAPI zarafaclient-7.2.6-52189

    P.S.: I know Zarafa MAPI client isn’t officially supported anymore but since our Outlook migration to OL 2016 (or maybe OL 2019 + occasionally DeskApp then) is planned later and until now we still struggled for a quite usable & customer sellable solution to handle large Outlook user boxes with KOE (in combination of Web/DeskApp and an Archiver) I am hoping someone is still willing to help us with this sad OL 2010 issue.

    THX for reading & hopefully any hints,
    Regards Robert

  • Kopano

    Hi @PRO123 ,

    you may want to contact our support for some more insight about this, they only infrequently visit this forum but may have more information on which kbs cause this behaviour.

  • The Outlook KB Updates for following monthes include the same fix. Means that you need to uninstall all Outlook 2010 Update following kb3114756


  • Thx a lot for all answers, but in our case re-installing (de-install, reboot, install) MAPI client (latest zarafaclient-7.2.6-52189) fixes this issue. At least for now, we will see after any further outlook updates …

    Regards Robert

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