K-1570: entryid is not of type EID_V0 after upgrading to


I just upgraded my server to the lastest build ( and I started getting these messages in my kopano/server.log file:

Tue Apr 11 11:07:31 2017: [error ] K-1570: type: entryid has size 22; not enough for EID_V0.usType (26)
Tue Apr 11 11:07:31 2017: [error ] eid.type(): K-1570: entryid is not of type EID_V0

What has gone wrong and how do I repair it?

Thanks in advance…

Hello @eraskin ,

Just to easier pinpoint this: which version did you use before?

We were on before. The upgrade went to

I know there is a newer build from last night, but I don’t want to make matters worse unless you know that it is fixed. ;-)

I have the exact same issue. I upgraded from ZCP 7,2,4,29 through 8.4.0~231-46 (which has the same issue, but wouldn’t send mail through webapp) . This database has been around since around 6.1-ish times.

I’m currently on 8.4.0~254-49, rhel7 packages on CentOS7 (the regular PHP version, not 5.6)

Same with server version 8,4,0,287 on CentOS 6.9.
Entry is logged >20x per new mail-activity.

@eraskin I see a lot of RHEL/CentOS here. Are you also running CentOS?

@hpvb are you saying your already got these messages with 8.4.0~231-46?

I was able to reproduce this and created https://jira.kopano.io/browse/KC-628 to research the reason for the error.

@fbartels Yes, I saw the messages with 8.4.0~231-46 also. I thought at the time they were related to the same reason why I couldn’t send email from webapp. This turned out to not be the case.

Thank you so much! I will watch for a solution. And, to answer your question, I am running on Centos 6.9 with kernel 2.6.32-696.el6.x86_64. I will try to remember to include that information in the future. :-)

fixed since core

@umgfoin said in K-1570: entryid is not of type EID_V0 after upgrading to

fixed since core

thanks for the feedback

I just upgraded to 8.4.0~344 and I can confirm this problem is now gone. Thanks!