How to compile KoE?

  • Hi all,
    I am thinking about switching from Zarafa to Kopano.
    This is why I bought Office 365 and currently I am testing the Z-Push / Outlook Active Sync integration.
    (I want to have an offline client and the Kopano Client is just a Chrome Browser ;-)
    But I am missing some features, which I currently have with the Zarafa Outlook Extention.

    I wrote several emails with the kopano team to get information, if there is , similar to zarafa, a “Free 3 User Version” available.
    The answer is: no, the smallest licence is for 5 Users and costs 75€ /year. They advised me to ask here.

    My main problem is I don’t find any information, how to compile the KoE.
    I know the sourcecode is available here
    But compiled packages are only available for paying customers.
    Can anyone explain to me, how to generate an executable file from the sourcecode.

    Best regards

  • You will need to disable code-signing or add your software-certificate to sign the build-output.

  • Hi umgfoin,
    thansk for the fast answer.
    I’m currently installation VS 2017 Community an will try :-)

  • Hi Merlin!

    Have you tried to compile it ? Got a working build ?

  • Hi,
    still not. It’s very difficult to install VS2017 :-(.
    I will make a second try tomorrow and give you a feedback.
    best regards

  • Hi,
    well I was able to install VS and open the project.
    I also can execute it as “Debug” version, I get an error ( no office product installed).
    But if i start Outlook the Plugin is active as debug version. (Office 2013)

    But If I try to build a release version ( I think it thould be an MSI oder .exe file? I get an error, Office is not installed.
    Can I just build the msi/exe file without an installed office? Whats my mistake?
    best regards

  • @Merlin2104
    You installed Office Developer Tools, too?

  • Hey,
    yes I did.

    My error:

  • I marked this in the Visual Studio setup:


    Open the Acadia Plugin

    On my Systems the computer asked automatically to install the office vsto tools for compiling

    right click on the acadia plugin, open the “eigenschaften”, go to signing, de-check it.


    I took “release”, and started in menü “erstellen” -> acadia erstellen

    I got this:


  • hi teka,
    thanks for you help. I was finally able to build the plugin.
    Now I will try to add it to outlook.
    best regards

  • @umgfoin said in How to compile KoE?:

    disable code-signing

    i compiled it witch test certificate.
    how can i get it to outlook?
    there are OutlookRestarter.exe, PluginDebugger.exe an Kopano.dll…

    how can i disalbe code-signing in vs2017?

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