German "Umlaute" not showing correctly in Webapp

Hi again ;=),

I see a “?” for a “ü” “ä” but just in the Webapp Frontend so the text in the mail is correctly displayed. Why they are not showed correctly in the frontend?


Thanks for any help :).

I have downloaded kopano tools and try to use that but I get an error. I have downloaded the script package and unzipped it to: :/home/kopano/core_tools_kopano/localize-folders

No I go into that folder and run: python --user USERNAME --lang de_DE.u

I recieve:

Localizing user: username
Changing localized folder names to "de_DE.utf8"
'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc3 in position 3: ordinal not in range(128)


I found this thread:

Hi @hispeed,
Is your issue about wrong Umlaut-decodings in:
a) folder-names
b) mail-items/subject-lines?
For the latter, you might continue in “Incorrect umlaut and special character decoding in mailbody” or “German Umlauts broken in the subject line of sent mails”.


Hi umgfoin,

Very interesting posts.

I have a similar problem and it looks like a problem which pops up every few months…

Were do I see the “?”:

In the Webapp preview lines of the e-mail as well as in the Subject of the mail. I also see in the name (contacts). It’s the same via Z-Push on my Iphone 7 latest IOS.

The folders: “Gelöschte Objekte” or the others are ok. Also OK are folder which I have created on my own.

What collacation to you have at your sql table?

It probably is this issue. I will wait and confirm if Kopano V.8.7.0 will fix it.


I’m not sure if this is the same as KC-1139. Can you take a look into that?

I run the localize script for every user something has changed. I see now “Gelöschte Objekte” correct. But when I now create a folder with “ü” it’s showing with ?. Before the script i saw “Gel?schte Objekte” but it was possible for me to create a new folder with “ü” and it showed correctly.

As you know I have Ubuntu 10. As I mentioned above when I run the localize script I recieve an error.
Do you already know when KC-1139 will be fixed?