search results not refreshed after moving email

  • Hi,
    I’m using Kopano Core 8.6.5 on ubuntu 16.04.5 x64 with WebApp on Win7.

    After I searched the inbox of a shared folder in webapp and moved an email to a subfolder the search results aren’t refreshed. If I do this on my own inbox the mail isn’t shown in the search result anymore.

    Steps to reproduce:

    • go to inbox folder of a shared store
    • search for a specific pattern
    • choose the mail you want to move
    • drop it on a subfolder


    • the mail is moved to the chosen subfolder
    • the mail is still visible in search results

    Is there a specific reason why the search results are not refreshed for a shared store in comparison to my own inbox?

    I observed the same behaviour on the Deskapp v. 1.9.0 and webApp with Firefox

    Thanks and best regards,

  • Kopano

    @msauer I had a look at this but I can’t reproduce this on our production system - but I’m not aware of a setting that could cause this. Are you getting any output in your browser console that might explain this behavior?

  • @bhuisman just recognized I can’t reproduce this behaviour after updating to WebApp 3.4.19.

  • Kopano

    @msauer great to hear, and thanks for letting us know

  • Hi,

    Seems like this issue is solely bounded to the personal Inbox. If I do a search and move a mail from the search result, the search result isn’t refreshed automatically. If I do the same on a subfolder of my Inbox or the Inbox from a shared store the search result is refreshed immediately.

    Would be great if someone is trying to reproduce this behaviour in different installation.

    Meanwhile we are using Kopano Core 8.6.6 and webapp

    Thanks in advance.

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