ERROR: mapiprovider.php:2623 mapi_inetmapi_imtoinet

Since the latest upgrade(s), I have been getting a steady stream of these errors. CentOS 7.

No idea how to fix them or whether these are critical. But they are making for huge log files:

/usr/share/z-push/backend/kopano/mapiprovider.php:2623 mapi_inetmapi_imtoinet(): Unknown or disallowed sending option ignore_missing_attachments (2)

Any ideas?

Hi Caldwell,

It’s not critical. Is your KC version earlier than 8.5.3? The warning will not appear if you upgrade to a newer KC version.


Yes. Zarafa 7.2.x.

That’s a pretty old Zarafa version and while Z-Push should work with it, we are not testing Z-Push against Zarafa anymore. You should upgrade to a recent KC version.


Any way to suppress that error until we upgrade?

Change the line 2623 in /usr/share/z-push/backend/kopano/mapiprovider.php to

$stream = mapi_inetmapi_imtoinet($this->session, $addrbook, $mapimessage, array('use_tnef' => -1));