Root level folders

So I’ve installed Outlook 2016 and KOE and I have found that some users are unable to see some of there folders. The folders in question are always at the root level (as opposed to being under Inbox for instance)

Thing is it is not everyone, and it is not an Admin/non-admin thing as I have the problem but other users (some admins some not) don’t have a problem…

This seems to be the reverse of this problem: and I was wondering if they are the same or related in anyway?


Hello, @robertwbrandt .

to further look into this a wbxml log would be required.

So I obtained a wbxml.log file for my user. I started the log file, launched Outlook, let it sync up, stopped the log. (It grows very quickly)

I can’t figure out how to attach the log… it is 1.9MB
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@robertwbrandt you would need to upload the log externally. Since this contains everything that has been synced, it may be a better idea to open up a support case and submit the file in private through that channel.

While this is not the specific problem I had, this solution worked for me.

This post is deleted!