KOE/GAB and Business Fax duplication of contacts

So I’m still very early days in the testing/setup of KOE…

One problem that has come up is that when the GAB is visible in Outlook I see two contacts for every person.
I see a normal contact, and I also see a second contact that has an email address of {Full Name}@{Business Fax}???

In an attempt to fix the problem I modified the ldap.propmap.cfg file and commented out the PR_BUSINESS_FAX_NUMBER (0x3A24001E ) entry. It made no difference.
If I double click on the duplicate entry, I see the contact, but the email address if correct. The problem on presents itself when viewing the entries in the Address Book dialog box.


Hello @robertwbrandt ,

this already came up in https://forums.zarafa.com/showthread.php?13442-z-push-gabsync-creates-useless-address-book-entries-from-fax-numbers. There is unfortunately not much we can do about this (except ignoring to sync all fax addresses).

So I removed all entries from my ldap.propmap.cfg file to any Fax Attribute, but these duplicates kept showing up!!!

Marc finally found that the Fax Attributes are actually hard coded in the software:
So to “fix” this, I inserted bogus attributes into the ldap.propmap.cfg file and the problem went away. Of course now there are NO Fax numbers in the Global Address Book, but that was preferable to having duplicate entries.

Not so much a fix as a work around.