Problem to view html eMail


when i read an eMail from crazypatterns with my IPhone so can i view the eMail with all the Pictures in it.
When i read that Mail with WebApp it is plane Text :(

Other eMails make no problems thats all the Pictures in it.

eMail: from crazypattern
Kopano Core: 8.6.80

What is the problem :(



Must be insecure pictures.

Nope… :( under an older Version thats no Problem under IOS no Problem. Only with the newer Version.

I have other Mails from different sender with the same Problem


Hi @olekole,

can you maybe provide an eml file of such an email? If you have a support subscription could you open a support case with the example mail attached? Otherwise you could also upload it somewhere and post a link to the file here.