Office 365, Windows 10 & Kopano

  • Hi, i just have installed Windows 10 (1803) & newest Office 365.
    I was not able to add an ActiveSync Account because of the new simple Wizard.
    The Registry Keys in the Support Article doesn’t work anymore.
    Even the Installation of KOE failed. I had to install Visual Basic for Office runtime 4.0, after that it says it does not find any valid Office Version (2010 or higher).
    I’m afraid that i’m not able to setup the ActiveSync Accounts in Future Office Versions.

    Any Ideas?

  • Noticed this today as well on a new laptop… I think the problem is that the Office 365 is the “Microsoft Store” version of Office 365 instead of the the “classic” installable version.

  • Same issue here.
    I got a new laptop from IT of the company I work for. Windows 10 (1803) & Office 365 installed, with Outlook 2016 of course.
    Tried to install KOE (2.0-314) and a warning says it needs “Outlook 2010 or higher” to start the setup.
    Well, Outlook is indeed installed on the PC but not recognised from the setup wizard probably because is part of a suite. Even windows 10 app manager doesn’t have an entry for every single software but just only one for the suite managing app.
    As far as I know Office 365 softwares are installled in hidden WindowsApp folder inside Program files and It seems Windows registry keys for Office aren’t where supposed to be.

    How can i solve this? I need KOE to use Outlook with my business mail account since Activesync is not an option anymore.


  • Kopano

    Hi @th3bucch ,

    I’ve recently setup a new windows laptop where Office also come pre-installed from the Microsoft Appstore (was initially also missing Outlook). I had to start Office once, enter my Office 365 credentials and then it installed Outlook. Afterwards I had no problems installing and using KOE.

    If it still does not work after logging in with Office 365 I’d recommend to get in contact with the it helpdesk of your company, so that they can get in touch with our support.

  • Kopano

    Hi @th3bucch ,

    as coincidences are we just got a similar case at our support desk and therefore I did dig a bit deeper. In the machine in question when you search for “word” or “outlook” is it displayed as a “trusted microsoft store app” and the koe installer did quit with ~“you need outlook 2010 or newer”. The issue was resolved by logging into office 365 and do a reinstallation of office from there (log in, download software, installer downloads and replaced office). afterwards the same apps as before now showed up as “Desktop app(s)” and koe could be installed and used.

  • @fbartels

    I’ll try doing so.

    Thanks for now.

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