Outlook 365

Hi @all,
I have working many Office 2016 Outlooks working well with z-push. One customer installed O365 on his surface , where outlook just carshes at startup.
Profile Setup with z-push is working well, initial connection with z-push at profile creation as well.
But when you start Outlook afterwards, it initialy crashes…

are there any tricks? is this setup possible or not supported…?


We had a case once where Outlook crashed because of a broken element (but that was while syncing afair), does it work on another device?

is koe installed? does it make a difference when outlook is started in safe mode?

hi felix, yes koe is installed (kombined.exe, supported 1.6.282)
I have just this semi-privat surface with office365, all others have outlook 2016 form Office Standard volume lic.
I’ll try to start with /safe

hi felix, after doing a “Repair online” and reinstall KOE, reboot - Everything wokrs fine.
to comletely remove ALL office Components, somebody perhaps find this MS Tool useful: