Empty incoming mail folder whit iOS 11.4

  • Hi,
    on one iOS device I have troubles since Saturday.
    It shows me no new incoming Mails.
    I made a reset of the mail account on iOS Ipad Pro und no it shows me 0 new Mails in the incoming Mail folder.
    If go to a subfolder it shows me actual mails.
    It’s a little bit weird in case does not changed something.
    On the Iphone it works perfect and also whit the nine app on the iPad.
    Some ideas?
    Best Carmen

  • Kopano

    Hi Carmen,

    it’s not possible to tell anything without Z-Push logs.
    Please also post the output of
    z-push-admin -a list -u username -d deviceid

    How did you make the reset of the mail account? Do you have a sync limit for your emails and are there newer emails than the limit?
    Is it the system from your signature? You also should update to Z-Push 2.4.3.


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