Change language of login screen.


I am trying to change the login screen of the webapp to german but without any success.
I edited the following lines in /etc/kopano/webapp/config.php

 if (isset($_ENV['LANG']) && $_ENV['LANG']!="C"){
        //      define('LANG', $_ENV["LANG"]); // This means the server environment language determines the web client language.
                define('LANG', 'de_DE');
                define('LANG', 'de_DE'); // default fallback language

        // List of languages that should be enabled in the logon
        // screen's language drop down.  Languages should be specified
        // using <languagecode>_<regioncode>[.UTF-8], and separated with
        // semicolon.  A list of available languages can be found in
        // the manual or by looking at the list of directories in
        // /usr/share/kopano-webapp/server/language .
        define("ENABLED_LANGUAGES", "cs_CZ;da_DK;de_DE;en_GB;en_US;es_CA;es_ES;fi_FI;fr_FR;hu_HU;it_IT;ja_JP;nb_NO;nl_NL;pt_BR;ru_RU;sl_SI;tr_TR;z

I know, it’s not the most beautiful solution but shouldn’t that do the trick?


Try using de_DE.UTF-8

Thank you for the suggestion but unfortunately that didn’t work either ):


Do you have the de_DE locale installed on your server? If not, you will also need to restart your webserver (and php-fpm if applicable) after installation.



it turned out, that a combination of the two suggestions from @bhuisman and @klausade fixed the problem. I had only the de_AT and de_AT.UTF-8 locales installed which did not work in kopano for me.
So I added the de_DE and de_DE.UTF-8 locales and changed de_DE to de_DE.UTF-8 and now it works.
What I do not fully understand though, is why de_DE is not working even with the correct locales installed?