Losing all contacts through ActiveSync on WindowsPhone

  • Hi guys

    I’ve installed Kopano witz Z-Push and so far, it works pretty good. Even iPhone syncing and Android syncing seems to work just fine. However, when using a WindowsPhone it only works for like a day or so, before it deletes all the contacts. Not just the contacts, no the whole folder. Mail and Calendars just work fine.
    Once the contact folder is lost, i dont even see it anymore in the Webapp. Login in webapp will tell me, at the top, that the contact folder is missing. Anyone know how to restore the contacts folder? Cause just creating a new one, doenst seem to do the trick. I also found out, that when editing a contact in WindowsPhone it doesnt get synced. Newly created contacts are no problem, just editing them doesnt seem to work too.
    i tried recreating the account, but still the same issue. Even reinstalled the whole server because of that, but no help. It works fine for several hours, 3-4, and than it happens.
    Has anyone encountered something similar or has an idea how to fix that strange behavior.

  • Kopano

    That sounds really bad, but I’ve never experienced/seen this.

    Can you create a WBXML log for a working user and keep it running until this happens again and then send us the log?
    Information about how to create this log is available here: https://wiki.z-hub.io/display/ZP/Debugging

    There is no logical reason for this to happen.


  • So, been a while. Sorry for the late answer.

    I still have the same issue. I can recreate this error, everytime, even if I install a new clean server, it happens again.

    When I delete a contact on Windows Phone it destroys the whole Contact folder of the Kopano User. It doesn’t even matter, on which phone-account that contact is. I delete a contact from the Microsoft Account of the phone, and Kopano gets destroyed.

    I tried the logging, but when opening it up with nano, for some reason it only shows me todays log.

    Is there a way to recreate a users contact folder in the contact hirarchy? Just creating a new contactfolder in webapp doesn’t seem to do the trick.

    u can see the error in this picture.
    alt text

  • Kopano

    Hi Lazistan,

    This script can recreate systemfolders:

    python recreate-systemfolders --user <username> --create Kontakte --systemfolder wastebasket

  • Kopano

    @lazistan But if it is so easy to reproduce, please do so (with an empty store with perhaps a few test contacts) and generate a wbxml log for it so we can have a look.

    1. create a new store
    2. log into webapp
    3. create 2 test contacts
    4. make sure wbxml logging is enabled for the test store (speciallogusers)
    5. setup the phone to sync that store
    6. delete one of the test contacts you’ve created on the phone
    7. check that the contact folder disappeared in webapp
    8. send us the log


  • Kopano

    I just tried to reproduce this case with our Mobile Lumia 640 with Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2.
    It just works. The contact is removed from the server but neither other contacts or the contacts folder are compromized.

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