GAB issues.

Hello cannot get GAB to work.

OS: centos7
php version: 5.6.32
z-push version: 2.3.8
zarafa version: 7.2.6


define('HASHFIELD', 'account');
define('AMOUNT_OF_CHUNKS', 10);
define('SYNCWORKER', 'Kopano');
define('UNIQUEID', 'account');
define('SERVER', 'default:');
define('USERNAME', 'SYSTEM');
define('PASSWORD', '');
define('CERTIFICATE', null);

I have not a “multi-tenant” system.

If i run:

/usr/share/z-push/tools/gab-sync/gab-sync.php -a simulate

I get:

Kopano->openMessageStore(): No store found for user 'SYSTEM': 0x00000000 - Aborting.e

zarafa-admin -l

User list for Default(13):
Username                                Fullname                                        Homeserver
SYSTEM                                  SYSTEM                                          Zarafa             Someagency XXX YYYY

tail -f /var/log/z-push/ z-push-error.log

18/06/2018 13:34:21 [31718] [WARN] [] KopanoBackend->openMessageStore('SYSTEM'): No store found for this user
18/06/2018 13:34:21 [31718] [WARN] [] DeviceManager->GetAdditionalUserSyncFolders(): setup for store 'SYSTEM' failed. Unable to search for KOE GAB folder.

Any ideas? Or any hints where i can search for the issue?
I tried all the logs couldn’t find the cause.


@pfl said in GAB issues.:

zarafa version: 7.2.6

you should really consider upgrading to Kopano. I’ve seen some reports about weird behavior with the gab sync script that we were never able to reproduce with Kopano builds.

@fbartels Thanks for that. I would like to upgrade.
But in this case thats not an option.

@pfl said in GAB issues.:

But in this case thats not an option.

Then it seems you are out of luck. Zarafa has been discontinued quite a while ago and one cannot expect to use newer functionality with an old foundation.

@fbartels, yeah i guess youre right.
Thanks for the reply.