WebApp version and below, calendar issue with autorefresh

  • Hi,

    There is a bug in webapp with changing a calendar category.

    To simulate:
    Make a calendar item and change the category for example into red save and reedit the item again.
    Go to category and wait for the blink of the page (Autorefresh) then try to unset the category red.
    This does not work, setting a other item in this window is no problem.

    Kind regards RJ

  • Kopano

    haven’t been able to reproduce this, could you be more specific about your steps?

  • @lherrmann

    First step is to create a item in the calendar, with some categories.
    Save the item then right click the item and go to the change the category window.
    Don’t click anything until the refresh blink, after this blink you cannot deselect the category set in the first step.

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