[solved] Kopano Files: Error 401 when sharing via "share link"

  • Hi folks,
    I am using Kopano with Nextcloud. In Nextcloud sharing via “share link” works without any problems, but if I use the Kopanofilesplugin -> click the file I would like to share and click on “share --> share by link” I get an Error 401 “Sharing failed”.

    The logfile of Nextcloud says:

    POST /ocs/v1.php/apps/files_sharing/api/v1/shares HTTP/1.1" 401 4948 

    Cannot figure out, why the filesplugin “thinks” that this action is unauthorized.

    One thing I also would like to mention is, that I access Nextcloud via SSL / Port 4430 (yes 4430).

    Any thoughts and ideas are welcome.

    Nextcloud version : 13.02
    Operating system and version : Debian Stretch
    Apache or nginx version: Apache 2.4.25-3+deb9u4
    PHP version: 7.0.27-0+deb9u1

    Kopanofiles: 2.1
    Kopano Core:

  • Hi,
    I’m also running Webapp- and KC8.5.9 with nextcloud 13.0.2 but with PHP 5.6 cause I’m on debian 8- jessie
    and I can’t confirm this issue.
    Share with link works fine - maybe you can try an update to NC 13.03?
    Is everythin else working? so can you access the nextcloud with click on Files?


  • Hi Andy,
    yes I can access the nextcloud with click on Files. Everything works fine except the share via link function.

    At the moment I have got the same issue with NC14.


  • …just while writing this, I thought about the option in Nextcloud which forces the password protection. (I have switched this on). So if I switch the forced password protection for shared files off, “share via link” works!

    Please doublecheck if you also force the passwordprotection when sharing files in NC.


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