Set default page after login

I want to display just the widgets portion of the today page in one of the pages of my intranet but every time a user logs in, the webapp shows the mail page. Is there a way to force it to show the today page after login? Isn’t that supposed to be the default behavior?

We will remove the intranet sites from the startup folder options
For more information:

Thanks for your prompt reply @marty but I’m not talking about the intranet plugin. I want to display the widgets portion of the today page using iframe on a page of my intranet.

Ok, not sure if I get you but: You are loading WebApp inside a intranet page and you want to display the today tab.

That’s a user setting.

Yes but i want to display just the widgets. So you’re saying it isn’t possible, right? What I don’t get is why the mail tab is loaded after login instead of today?

Silly me. I wish that I could use an emoji to express how ashamed I’m feeling right now for my stupidity. To think that I went through the settings several times and didn’t notice this. Anyway thanks a lot @fbartels.